Refund & Exchange Policy

No refunds or exchanges on furniture or accessories with the exception of the mattress exchange (see below). All items in the Rent Ready/ Move-In Add-On are not eligible for refund/exchange/store credit. Any items damaged upon delivery will be replaced accordingly.


Mattress Exchange/Substitution

We will exchange your mattresses with another mattress of equal or lesser value for free with no refunds or credits. If you select a mattress of greater value, you will be responsible for the difference in pricing, including sales tax. Selected mattress pricing is subject to the current promotion at the time of the exchange.

Mattresses are eligible for exchange as long as the mattress is still in its original plastic packaging. This exchange offer is valid for 72 hours from the closing of the home.


Substitution Policy

At Babette’s discretion, we may substitute products in packages in order to complete the home furnishings package.

Substitution values may vary. No refunds or credits are given for products substituted for a lesser value. No charges are incurred for products substituted for greater value.


Service Warranty

items in the furniture package include a 1 year service warranty as long as the home is a primary residence. Homes used as rental properties do not include the 1 year service warranty.